BREAKING NEWS: i became a neocities supporter, meaning the site domain is now officially ""!

welcome to!

my name is riley, i make videos, draw art and livestream from time to time. i made this website because no one else thought to take the name "" and i wanna use it to store my Stuff and Things.

this site is primarily for blog posts and media reviews, as well as having a place to present my video work and art all neatly instead of it being scattered across different sites. i post new articles maybe once a month, or every other month, or something like that. keep checking back for more if you wanna!

here i am at the 199X microsoft windows expo. i'm not sure how i got here.

latest stuff


THIS MONTH - the wii u, littlebigplanet hub and i'm sorry it's mostly david lynch


in this video i talk about the small things in games, how much i love virtual environments, and how real life experiences can translate to game design!!! in other words, "how SHENMUE are these games?"


2023 finally ended! here's an article all about the stuff i got up to this year. if you wanna know my deal in terms of the stuff i like and get up to, i talk about a whole lot of it in this article.

2023/12/08: GEOFF OF THE YEAR

hey, those game awards weren't all too great!!! i wanted to give my thoughts on em. i like gonzo, though :)