i wish i drew more often!


clicking on each image will redirect you to its respective full-res post on my tumblr art portfolio, so beware! you can also find more on there, but this page highlights only the MOST IMPORTANT of my work. (i'm embarrassed to present most of it)

shenmue at night!


in august 2023 i started to play shenmue for the first time and Dude, that game Rules. as of writing i still haven't finished it hence its lack of inclusion in my media list but i was so inspired by its low-intensity chillness that i wanted to draw its jaw-droppingly mundane and cozy rural scenery.

isometric RPG environments for college


i wasn't given a prompt for this project, so i gave myself the (maybe too specific) prompt of an isometric watercolor RPG with environments inspired by rural japanese villages and it resulted in a lot of fun research & concept sketches. my project goal was just to research & produce concept art, and i'm pretty content with how it turned out!



during late december 2022 i decided to join thorhighheels' patreon, which involved joining his discord server too. the unanimously agreed-on symbol of this community is pikachu wearing big sunglasses, so naturally i wanted to draw that because who wouldn't wanna draw that. i was inspired by another server member's artwork, which inspired someone else to doodle out the same thing, and then i did it too.

boku no natsuyasumi sunflowers


for the start of the second year on my game art course we were given a project that was pretty much entirely practicing different art methods and documenting them to get back into the swing of things. for me, this meant using procreate a whole bunch as i'd barely used it up to that point. around the same time, action button released a six-hour video review about the PS1 game boku no natsuyasumi and i can't deny it had a pretty god dang strong impact on me. the same week i saw that video, i decided i'd practice my environment art in procreate by replicating one of boku's many pre-rendered backgrounds. since then, i started learning japanese in the hopes that i could someday play this game and actually understand what its NPCs are saying.

college summer project 2021


this was a summer project, given as a mandatory "you gotta do this to get into the next course" task. the prompt was to take photos of local environments and draw them in our own art style, so i did just that. the left one here is more of an early doodle, while the right is what i gave as the final piece. i still like the way both look due to the places they're based on.