media list - january 2023

[2023/01/01] ATARI 50

one of the most unique games i've ever played, using accurate emulation in a big collection alongside in-depth commentary, making it a sort of interactive retrospective that helps one to really appreciate atari's legacy.

..even if some included games suck now

[2023/01/03] MOB PSYCHO 100 II

i started s2 back in like october and kept holding it off for some reason .. now i've finished this season i can say it continues to be an enjoyable goofy action show and i'm glad i can blast through s3 now that's finished too :]

[2023/01/03] CASIOPEA - CASIOPEA

checked this out cuz i've heard the name go around in music circles. smooth album, listened to it on the bus and felt real cool doing it

i'm absolutely not a music critic but i can say that i found this totally enjoyable and i recommend :]


i thought i'd finally listen to this discography a hoohoohoo

very sleepy album, which isn't really what i expected, like i could totally fall asleep to this (and almost did on the bus just now!)

the last track is sorta repetitive though


via the goblin bunker weekly album club

i dived head-first into this not knowing what to expect, and ended up totally adoring its style with how it uses aspects of older music (synths n such)

nice morning album :) i liked it

[2023/01/19] NOPE

this was a really good horror movie like holy shit ? holy mama mia ? i actually felt scared during some scenes ? directors should utilise the fear of the unknown more often.

nope , more like , aha , yep

[2023/01/20] those star wars movies

i never even watched these before but i got round to doing so with my family and like wow these are Just Okay they're certainly movies. episode 1 drags, episode 2 is a fever dream and episode 3 is pretty alright idk overall unimpressive

[2023/01/23] MOB PSYCHO 100 III

peak fiction dude oml i dont think i've ever been this emotionally attached to an anime series and i god dang TEARED UP by the end i dont even cry at media often


another 2022 movie i missed out on til now

i've seen this being titled the best movie of 2022 and it's no god damn surprise !!! this was an absolute blast it does everything right i didnt have a problem with any aspect it FUCKS

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