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media list - february 2023


i watched it again. i do not do this often


up til now i'd seen every single ghibli film Except This. now i'm done

all i've ever heard about this is that it's REAL sad and that is very much the case, i didn't know particularly what to expect but this is a real gut wrencher . my god

[2023/02/06] KINGDOM HEARTS

i made a video about this one! https://youtu.be/b3qYGikWu7E

[2023/02/18] THE FOUNDER

random pick cuz it was on prime video

i saw people discussing this after a twitter mutual posted about google being wrong on who founded mcdonalds, and this movie details how the story's pretty complicated and i found it pretty interesting . ray kroc sucks

[2023/02/19] ant-man quantum-ania

i got dragged along to see this in the cinema (this happened with DOCTOR STRANGE last year as well)

this was pretty lame. idk who antman is i didnt watch his other movies but this felt pretty weightless and i didnt take it seriously at all (was i meant to?)

i really hope i dont end up watching any more of these marvel movies anytime soon because they're so boring to me lol. spiderverse 2 is coming out this year tho im genuinely lookin forward to that its the exception here of course

[2023/02/20] BOCCHI THE ROCK!

the "she just like me fr" of anime

i wasnt expecting much going in but bocchi ended up being one of the most relatable characters ever and rlly well-characterized, the animation is also consistently creative from pretty backgrounds to fully different styles

i guess the more laid-back story allowed for the animators to go wild with exaggerating different feelings and actions, adding to the story itself in the process, and i love that

[2023/02/25] the great gatsby

i almost forgot i watched this one, another random amazon pick

this was so wack lmao it was kinda interesting at first but i got so bored throughout that i just stopped watching altogether and chatted on discord for half of it

i did like the unique visual and audio stuff goin on, i thought the modern-styled music was very strange and most of the time everyone looked like they were photoshopped on a pre-rendered background but it's distinct at least???

also i hate this shot of leonardo dicaprio so much but none of the posters fit my image format :(

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