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media list - april 2023

[2023/04/02] TETRIS

i was sold on the concept of telling this story in film and it ended up being good enough but WOW this is cheesy, is this just how biopics are all the time ???

having a car chase and an emotional conclusion to just a complicated licensing deal is pretty silly, i guess they had to make it interesting but i think this gaming historian video tells the story better while sparing the goofiness:

i'd recommend the movie if ur into this kinda thing but apple tv is like, a subscription service that no one i know is subscribed to and u gotta be prepared for some questionable editing moments like this one part where they just kinda randomly interject footage from random online sources including a literal uncropped off-center gamegrumps episode.


if you don't like this movie ur a freak i seriously do not know how you could dislike something so innocent & fun and i have no idea how there's even discourse going on about this dude i had a blast

being released a week after the tetris movie meant that was still fresh in my memory and there's no similarities at all. except for one specific thing???

[2023/04/09] meet dave

"fuckin. its 3am i just woke up i aint sleeping anytime soon time to watch a dumb movie"

-me, moments before seeing this movie

[2023/04/10] THE MENU

i assumed this was a recent movie but it was last year??

i didnt know what to expect at all but i was hooked, it's rare to see horror thats conceptually scary and this one pulls it off very well - its very suspenseful and full of "what will he do next?!?" moments. it's especially funny having seen this one days after watching ratatouille because it's pretty solely anti-ratatouille

[2023/04] DISNEY STUFF

speaking of ratatouille, after i saw fantasia i'd been blindly watching/rewatching a ton of disney movies, mainly for the kingdom hearts video! a lot more than shown in this image, in fact.

i originally had a four-image limit on twitter and didn't list every movie individually because i frankly didn't have much to say other than what i go over in the video itself. i can't even give a list, i honestly forgot which ones i had seen but my summarized thoughts included "wow this still holds up!", "wow i've never seen this but it's good fun" and "fantasia 2000 blows".

[2023/04/26] THE CARPENTERS full discography

i wanted to hold back on talking about this til i released the kingdom hearts video, because it quickly went from being coincidental and irrelevant to being the heart of the project somehow!

to summarize, i found myself pretty connected to all this music as i'd heard it when i was very little but never thought to seek it out and re-listen again. i ended up remembering a lot more than i thought, and making my kingdom hearts video around the same time gave that game, the disney movies it's based around and this band this wild personal emotional link for me in relation to kingdom hearts' themes.

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