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media list - may 2023


i actually liked this one, and i think that can be attributed to james gunn (writer of hit movie "scooby-doo 2: monsters unleashed") directing and writing. i forgot the first two movies entirely though, so a lot of the established character relationships were lost on me. i'd suggest watching it because, unlike a lot of other marvel movies, it has a lot of heart HOWEVER i wasnt ready for all the animal cruelty shit serious warning for that jesus christ :(

also ???


"what the hell did i just watch?"

it was hard to finish despite its short length, its so confusing that a mutual told me they've seen it like 30 times and still dont get it lol

the art style and pacing is great im just a little embarrassed that i don't fully get it

its like, aesthetically cool as hell i enjoyed it a lot but i feel like such a media poser for watching this really famous thing and just not understanding it. however thats also apparently what its like, known for?? so i guess its fine????

oh yeah also the version i watched had this horrible audio glubbiness (idk how to describe it) and idk if that was intended or if i just got screwed over but in some ways it fit the themes of the show so i didnt mind

still like. was that intended or not lol i have no clue


i haven't stopped thinking about this

i listened to the original a few months ago, but recently found out hochono house is like. a way more recent remix(?) album utilising modern sounds, listening to both albums back to back is so cool


i can't deny i had a great time, the format works very well for the muppets and there's a lot of soul & heart behind its characters but wow there's also a few things i didn’t like that i guess just mainly relate to this being a modern muppet series

like lily singh? is the main character? which like sure ok but as a straight-man she fell flat bc so many scenes something would happen and she'd go "um, what's happening?" without adding anything

a lot of the celebrity cameos / cultural references also felt sudden and forced, like one of em says "disney plus is gonna LOVE this!" in the first episode and then the exact same line, like the same exact audio, is repeated in the last episode?

there's just a lot of that kinda out of placeness idk they have a whole episode about holding a live virtual concert in minecraft (this is not a thing you can do in minecraft, like i might be mistaken but this is more of a fortnite thing right?)

overall though it's like, still a very fun lighthearted time with a lot to enjoy even if the humour often falls flat and i would recommend it! a lot to unpack though. very strange tv series


i made a video about this one! https://youtu.be/vKz1lWuz3xs

[2023/05/27] FLCL

oh, man

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