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media list - june 2023


i hate superhero movies. i love spiderverse

theres not much i can even say, u already know it's masterfully done, u already know it's cutting-edge boundary-pushing animation, it's the best superhero movie since the first, go watch it


i- hey wait a second this isn't spiderman!

yeah i can see why people like this it's good it's a fun movie it does more with the whole fairytale thing and it's just kinda solid and enjoyable, my bar is low for western animation so this is v nice

HOWEVER i think its whole "spiderverse-esque" animation thing blows cuz the low framerates look. really artificial? like it's inconsistent it's as if they added the effect in post for only some scenes. the art style, expression & animation is great otherwise it's just a little . bleh weird


what was he fucking cooking


this is one of those movies ive heard a lot about from movie dorks on youtube but for good reason, this is a good ass time, every shot is so well-laid out and i wasn't expecting so many recognizable actors

i need to watch isle of dogs now


this is just a really good game, i played the original last year, i cant even complain about any aspect (except for how it performs weirdly badly on switch..)

i'd recommend playing the first katamari (which was also remade in 2018!) first just for pretty directly-referenced context. this game is meta as balls

[2023/06/28] PIKMIN

unlike anything else ive ever played, its so distinct and engaging but also real stressful (in a good way!!). its good, short and seemingly replayable as hell. i wouldn't have decided to play it if they hadn't announced and released this new switch port ON my birthday, like come on i had to lol

i reached day 30 with 29 parts, i could've gotten part 30 but i ran out of pikmin to carry it :(

[2023/06/29] ASTEROID CITY

i loved the part where wes anderson goes "it's wes andersoning time!" and wes andersons all over the place

for real, this was part of what ended up being a greater project where i watched every single one of wes anderson's movies. i included it as a sort of representative entry of the whole experience because it's the newest as of now. you can find a more in-depth article about this marathon i underwent here:

wes anderthon!

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