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media list - july 2023

[2023/07/04-] ANIMAL CROSSING

this doesn't really end so i'm putting it here bc i've been playing it

always wanted to play og animal crossing, now i got it on my wii u im able to comfortably play it and god its so chill. refreshing after the calculated snoozefest that was ACNH


this is the first sonic game i've ever actually beaten, done over vc in coolt. its very much a sonic game and that means a lot, mainly that it was fun and also janky as hell like im talkin going through walls constantly but it added to its charm !

i do need to do the extra campaigns and i've come to understand that this is quite different from the dreamcast original but i still had fun, i got through it pretty easily but stayed up all night to do so. cosy as hell i think

[2023/07/21] OPPENHEIMER

this is the best movie of the year. this is the movie i've been waiting for. the one i'll rewatch over n over

i went in expecting another lego movie situation and got that but also more and at a deeper emotional level. u kno gender n such. i love allan

seriously the more i think about it the more i realise i resonate tf with it, i love how it explores "being yourself" beyond just the surface level most movies go for and really brutally goes through it

they say vagina. i wasnt expecting them to say vagina. movie of the century. this is the third piece of media this year (after mob psycho 100 III and the muppet movie) to bring me to tears. i fear that it'll happen again and that adventure time fionna & cake miniseries is looking to be a REAL tearjerker D:

[2023/07/29] GOOD OMENS 2

god dammit. this one made me cry as well

a lot of good media came out this year and this is one i was really looking forward to. i loved it, it was phenomenal and lived up to my expectations, as with series 1 tennant & sheen really sell their relationship to the viewer and even the subplot lesbian couple were so genuine and adorable :)

but also holy fuck that ending you cannot just do that to me i am in shambles

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