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media list - august 2023

[2023/07/31] SHIN KAMEN RIDER

i'm counting this as an august listing cuz i watched it at midnight, after the 31st of july, and technically on the 1st of august. on my initial twitter post i listed it as the 31st. oops !

other than this, i haven't watched anything kamen rider related outside of discord streams. i watched a solid chunk of KAMEN RIDER DEN-O in a voice call back in may, and that's sorta it.

i don't actually like superhero/action-y stuff too much, it's not particularly my thing, BUT this movie did a lot that i've never seen any other movie do and for that, i'd say it rules. it just sadly didn't impact me as much as i've heard tokusatsu fans go on about. i liked this movie, but i should really watch more kamen rider!


i'll elaborate when my next kingdom hearts video releases

[2023/08/22] dordogne

i really wanted to enjoy this game cuz i think the art & visuals rule, but it was weighed down by pretty bland gameplay and a story that felt emptier than i was expecting.

the more of this game i played, the less i enjoyed, resulting in my reluctance to continue over the course of two months (i started in june and only finished this month). i expected a whole lot more from it, and got something disappointingly basic :(

[2023/08/23] A SHORT HIKE

they weren't kidding. this is a short hike alright!

this is an adorable game with tons of charm and lowercase dialogue. i really love the freedom it gives you for little tasks & how quickly you can reach the summit. i actually bought this on switch but found out i actually also had it on PC via an old itch.io bundle, which is pretty neat!!

i didn't even do everything in the game! and that's okay! the game is very openended (but not really in the open world sandbox sense) and lets you take your time it's so cool


i forgot to watch these specials already when they released in 2020-2021ish, and with the new fionna & cake miniseries on its way i decided to finally check it out.

it sure went from "this is ok!" to "i'm in tears i'm crying my eyes out help" to "this is ok!" and that's mainly due to how two of the four episodes are pretty major continuations of stuff from the series ("obsidian" & "together again") while the other two are just pretty good extended side-episodes of adventure time.

"wizard city" was neat, but i legitimately forgot whatever happened to peppermint butler in the main series and i didn't really find a 45-minute special about that to be, like, worthwhile?

except, and i'm adding this weeks ahead of when i initially watched it, that episode did turn out to be important due to something that near damn happens in the background that leads into a key point in the fionna & cake miniseries. it's just a big lore episode, i guess. not the most fitting finale though? i don't know.

overall i still liked it. it was just more adventure time. obsidian was the best episode. lesbians rule.

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