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media list - september 2023

[2023/09/13] KINGDOM HEARTS II

i'll make a video on this! eventually!

[2023/09/15] final fantasy: the spirits within

i watched this as "research" for my kh2 video project (it's in the oven, don't expect anything too soon i got studies n shit)

the movie really isn't final fantasy, like not even close, it takes away literally everything you would want out of a final fantasy movie and it's crazy that this was the final product under any circumstances. it doesn't even have like, cheesy out-of-place game references like the 1993 mario movie did. it's got nothing! this movie is wack!


i've been watching this on and off for the past couple months, i forgot to add it!

i mention it in my PSY-S video but this show really does rule. i'm constantly god darn smiling when i watch this, furuhata's presence as a character is consistently so fun and watching the stakes between him and the culprit unfold in each episode is always fascinatingly comedic. i need to watch more of koki mitani's work, including my inevitable next entry,

[2023/09/18] THE MAGIC HOUR

a goblin bunker film club pick i actually watched (this is rare)

this is the best comedy movie i've seen all year, and one of the best movies i've seen, like, in general! i initially wanted to compliment the set design for how idyllic and beautiful it is, and then the characters acknowledge how much it looks like a gorgeous movie set and that becomes the basis for their plan, which is the plot of the movie. i fucking love that! so much!

there are INSANE comedic stakes, and in every scene i'd wonder "how did they even get away with that?!". i cherish how heartfelt and silly the comedy is, and the overall message by the end nearly had me in tears. it's a lot to do with creativity, much like the other koki mitani film i've seen, "welcome back mr. mcdonald", and the themes are so genuinely motivational. i instantly fell in love here. i can't recommend this movie enough.

i still need to watch more mitani, though.

[2023/09/28] FIONNA & CAKE

so when the original adventure time series ended, i was about to move out of a house i had lived in for eight years. adventure time started when i moved into that house as a little kid, and it ended when i moved out of it as a spunky school teen. a lot of emotions were had, and things were very bittersweet both in real life and in the series finale.

and so of course, cartoon god damn network aka hbo god damn max aka warner bros god damn discovery decided that the followup miniseries set years in the future would release... RIGHT as i move out to live on my own for the first time. that's right! i'm all on my own now! and FIONNA & CAKE aired throughout the whole moving process. this series always knows how to stab me in the damn gut.

the actual series itself is incredible. it was allowed to be a little adult-ier as the target demographic is most certainly AT LEAST thirteen years old by now, but i'm glad that doesn't mean characters were swearing unnecessarily all the time just cuz they could. it's still written the same way as the original series, but now there's blood, and that's freaky!

aside from the initial shock of finn actually being able to say "balls" now, like he always should have been, the story and characters are still tight and great. the "multiverse" setup scared me at first because that's already an oversaturated trend by now, but this being adventure time it's a little silly and not too fanservice-y as well as actually contributing to an interesting plot.

i really don't want to spoil what happens, but i love the way a "what if" scenario can showcase how a character may feel and why that's important, and i absolutely adore the character growth that takes place over the course of these 10 episodes. and by the end, it's still bittersweet, but the closure we see had me crying up a storm. the series is finally over, and i'll live with that.

also fionna is literally me she's my whole-ass gender like that's who i strive to be holy smokes

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